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Features and Benefits

There are many advantages of VoIP enabled telephone systems. By understanding your exact requirements, our technicians can ensure your system is set up to cater to exactly what you need for the smooth operation of your business. Below you will find a list of some of the iVoice system features and what they can mean for your business.

FeatureWhat it means for your businessBenefit


Ring (Twinning)

When a client calls your main office number you can elect to have it ring not only the office handset but your mobile phone, your phone at home, your soft phone on your computer and several other phones you list.

Every phone elected will call at the same time and whichever answers first, will take control of the call.

Twinning will also allow you

  • accelerate responsiveness to customers needs;
  • increase the availability of employees
  • eliminate phone tag; and
  • streamline your work flows
  • To be accessible at all times. Nominate your mobile to call if you have a power failure in the office. Due to cloud technology, all calls can be redirected to your Mobile

 Our iVoice technicians will help you set this up, so there is no need for you to have to ever worry about how to organise this. All you need do is answer the phone.

Improved customer service due to improved accessibility

Be accessible at all times without your customers suspecting where you are.

Auto Attendant

If you wish to give the image of a larger office, yet don’t have the budget to afford more staff, an auto-attendant can assist.

You can pre-configure your Auto Attendant to answer all calls and ask callers to choose from a menu option, or to leave a voicemail.

The decision on how many voice menus you need, what departments are options to call through to, any after-hours messages and promotions you wish to play is customisable for your business and can be changed at any time through your online dashboard.  

You can then define the time periods you want certain rules to apply. For example you may want to have a different message before and after work, as compared to when you are out to lunch or in a meeting.

Best of all, should you be unsure of how to set it up, we can do it remotely for you.

Increased internal efficiencies

The auto attendant function can automate the answering process, reducing the load on your current staff. These staff can then be reassigned to more productive roles.

Because, calls are automatically queued and/or directed to the correct department or user there is increased efficiency. Furthermore, whilst they are  on hold, you can play messages about your business products and services.

The Auto Attendant allows you to architect your own interface and make use of in-bound Voice Recording, hunt groups, queues and much more.   Modifications to the IVR’s can be implemented at any time, from the office or remotely.

Voicemail –


Our proprietary software allows you to check your voicemail three ways: by phone, on your mobile, or by email.

Once upon a time, someone had to take a message for your missed calls, however, now with iVoice PBX, messages are sent direct to your voicemail.

Not only will your phone flash to alert, but all voicemail messages are emailed to you. You can also configure your system so that with a simple click of the number located in the message your extension will dial the caller back, increasing your workplace efficiency

Improved time management

By having all your voicemails convert to email, all you have to do is log on to check your mail and your voicemails will be there, listed in chronological order allowing you to call people back in order of priority.

With smart phone technology, sales staff on the road will also receive timely delivery of messages.




Getting staff together at any one time can be difficult, especially if they are out seeing clients a large proportion of the day.

Fortunately, our IVoice PBX allows you to schedule and book employees into a conference call at a nominated time on a certain day. At the pre-scheduled time, the system will phone all the ‘booked’ staff on their extension. Their extension or twinned phone will thus bringing them into the ‘virtual’ conference room.

Employee productivity and communication will keep your business thriving

IVoice’s automated conference calling allows you to book employees into a conference call and staff will receive the call wherever they are.

You can have an unlimited number of attendees in the call at any one time.

Number Porting

Number porting in this instance refers to the transfer of your fixed landline phone number to an online number that can be received through your broadband internet connection.

Although it is a relatively new process transferring your calls to the iVoice PBX is easy.

Once you have provided us with your account information, we will contact your existing phone company and organise the transfer. The whole process varies depending on your existing provider and may take up to 21 days but generally takes around 10.

Freedom of choice

Making the decision to use a VoIP service provider doesn’t mean you will need to upgrade to an expensive internet telecommunication service provider (ITSP).

On the contrary, IVoice are not aligned with any ITSP, giving you the flexibility to choose the best calling plan available that suits your business.

Similarly, if you are not satisfied with your existing ITSP provider, you have no need to stay with them to keep your number.

Remote Office

A VoIP phone can be connected to your employee’s home network, through a hotel room connection, or if needs call for it, through your laptop, utilising its wireless connection to a broadband network.

Basically, you can be connected to the office from anywhere a broadband internet connection is available. Simple plug and play compatibility provides employees the ability to work from home on their extension simply by relocating their office handset and inserting into their home router. 

Plug and play connectivity allows your staff to work from anywhere in the world and still be as accessible to your clients as if they were still in the office.

As required, iVoice can configure an additional handset and provide multiple office connectivity via the same extension number.


The technology of a VoIP PBX may be more advanced than that of a legacy PBX; however, there is much that makes them similar. All phones in your network work off the same exchange.

What this means is that as your business grows your phone system can grow with you. With one number, it is possible for us to give you up to

4,999 extensions, be these extensions in difference offices, cities or states.

All you need to do is ensure that you provide your employees with a broadband connection and they can hook straight into your hosted PBX solution.

Significantly reduced infrastructure costs as your company grows

Traditional PBX systems are localised and, as you expand, you often are led to believe that existing hardware is outdated and requires you to update to a new system.

Conversely, with business VoIP from IVoice you can expand your system one phone at a time and as technology improves choose to replace existing phones, or just add new phones to the existing VoIP system.

Ring Groups

Whilst allowing your clients to leave you a voicemail is of huge benefit, sometimes, clients need to speak to one of your staff. With our hosted PBX solution you can choose to group extensions together so that they ring at the same time.

This is of great benefit where responding to a clients requirements in real time is of optimal benefit to your relationship.

Should the call still not be answered, the call will then redirect to voicemail.


Ensure important calls are answered

Set your system up to call a number of extensions at once. This is ideal for calls into important departments such as finance or customer service.


Hunt Groups

Define a list of extensions that will ring sequentially until one phone is answered. If no phone is picked up within a specified time, the call will be diverted to voicemail.

Customise the system the way you want

Give your staff increased opportunity to answer a call. Set up the system so that a call is redirected if not answered to another extension.

Agent Groups

The system can be customised to allow your staff to nominate that they are now ready and able to take incoming calls. In this instance, incoming calls can be routed to their extension (and any others ‘logged in’). If they are currently busy or away, they can log out of the group, meaning calls will not be directed to them.

If more incoming calls come in than there are staff to answer them, the call will be placed in a queue where they will experience on hold music or messages.

Alternatively a caller can chose an option to leave a message and be directed to a dedicated voicemail.

Manage multiple simultaneous inbound calls in a courteous and professional manner

Project a professional and courteous image to your clients with queue positioning and appropriate messages to keep the caller informed.

Or utilise Agent groups to give the impression that your company has more resources at its disposal than may otherwise be the case.


If your employees are constantly on the move around your workplace, then you may want to consider utilising the paging function of your iVoice system.

It's as simple as dialling a single extension, which will in turn page a group of employees or an extension which may be connected to an indoor or outdoor speaker system.

Find the person your caller needs in an instant

If a caller requires instant feedback then it is imperative their call is answered and not diverted to voicemail. Find the member of staff easily with the inbuilt paging system.

Call Reporting

Through the web based interface, you can easily configure your PBX system to send email summaries of calls by category. Choose between real time summaries or daily ones.

Maximise Call efficiency

Monitor staff activity as part of a feedback loop. Pull down reports which show call rate efficiency and to demonstrate effectiveness.

This is a great tool for sales based organisations as it allows you to understand where declines occur in the sales call.


Ring Tones

Across the board, phone technology has advanced a long way. Similar to mobile phones, our Polycom handsets allow you to select customised ringtones.

Select from pre-installed tones or download them in WAV format to your handset.

Customise your handsets with personal ring tones

This makes it more simple for your staff to ascertain whose phone is ringing if they are not at their desk.

Handling Anonymous


Technology exists to allow you to see the number of your next incoming call. However, some phone numbers are hidden, that is they are anonymous.

Should you wish to screen these calls, the iVoice system can be configured to engage one of three messages:

  1. An automated message that asks the caller to  "Please state your name",
    1. The name is recorded and announced to you before putting the call through
  2. Play a pre-recorded message to the caller that says: "This extension does not support calls without a valid caller ID"
  3. Play a pre-recorded message to the caller that says: "This extension is not available, please leave a message"
    1. This is then forwarded to the valid extension for a decision on whether to return the call.

Screen your calls

If your regular callers all have caller ID, then you can choose to have unidentified callers  screened by the PBX.


The iVoice system allows you to define a 'redirect' rule so that a call is redirected to another extension if the desired extension is busy, does not answer or if the “do not disturb” status is activated.

Never miss a call

Redirect calls from one extension to another to ensure the call is never missed.

Wake up Call/


If you have staff moving through multiple time zones for work, then they may wish to utilise the PBX web interface to organise for the phone to ring with a recorded message at a pre-set

time. This may be of paramount importance if they need to get up in time for a meeting

Travel with confidence

When you are travelling and don’t trust hotel alarm clocks, use your phone handset to keep you to schedule.

Web call

Improve the interactivity of your website by connecting your website to your PBX.

You can then choose to allow users to click a button to receive an instant call back from your staff.

The process is simple:

A user enters their phone number and presses the 'Call Button'

The PBX will dial them and then dial your nominated extension

Your staff are connected in real time to a potential customer

Add a touch point to your sales cycle

Allow users to enter their phone number and initiate a call between you and them. Not only have you facilitated a potential lead, but you have done it at a point of time where the customer is actively engaged.



Caller ID

This feature allows you to set a designated outbound caller ID. Instead of showing the line extension, you can choose to display the official office number.

Select the outgoing caller ID by handset or through the system for all phones. This adaptability is useful if you wish to have different numbers for different departments or office locations.

Keep your branding consistent 

Whenever you create marketing material, chances are you use one number as the official office number.

With the ability to set outbound call with your office number, call recipients will come to recognise who is calling, reinforcing your number and keeping you top of mind.

Hot Desking

Using the hot desk feature allows your staff to log in to the PBX from a different location (e.g. a different office or room). All calls can then be logged per normal, directed to the appropriate handset and allow your staff to work optimally without missing calls.

Increased Mobility

It is not always practical to travel with your handset, nor always necessary. Hot Desking allows your staff to remain in contact and logged into the system with a minimum of fuss.




Each VoIP phone carries a unique IP address which means it can be connected anywhere there is an internet connection.

Stay connected anywhere!

Any of your staff who are on the go can stay in contact without solely relying on their mobile phones.

A VoIP phone can be connected to the home network, at a hotel, or even via a wireless broadband connection through a laptop.

It’s as simple as plug-and-play


Extensions per


It is not uncommon for small business owners to run multiple businesses. Nor is it unheard of for small businesses to project an image of multiple departments when in fact it is just a small team.

With our VoIP system, you can route multiple incoming lines to one extension. Allocate different ring tones to each incoming line and answer the call with the appropriate greeting.

Flexibility and simplicity

Set your system up so you can answer multiple incoming lines with appropriate greetings.

Start projecting the image you want today!



Utilise the features of your existing PBX without loss of function. Standard features include:

  • Transfer
  • Pick up call on adjacent handset
  • Park/hold and retrieve (at another handset)
  • Redial from calling history, including return last call

All the features of PBX plus more

Make the transition to a hosted PBX system and intuitively know what you can do with the Polycom handsets.

Supervisor Access

As a supervisor it is sometimes essential that you have access to staff calls. This may be for training or QA purposes. Whatever the reason, as a supervisor you can set the system up to allow:

Listen-in which allows a supervisor to monitor a call. Please note: Courtesy and etiquette suggests you should inform callers that the call may be monitored.

Barge-in -  a feature in which an extension, e.g. an operator, can break into a conversation between two extensions or an extension and an outside line.

Unanswered call back - allows you to be alerted should an extension that you’ve previously called has activity (i.e. another call), indicating that the user is back at their desk.

Training and Quality Assurance

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing that you have the ability to monitor calls for the purposes of ensuring quality and correct customer service.

For further explanation on any of the features listed above, or to discuss how a hosted PBX can improve the efficiency of your business, contact or call iVoice today and ask to speak to one of our consultants.

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