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Frequently Asked Questions

If I install a VoIP solution in my business what will the voice quality be? I have heard it suffers compared to traditional phone lines.

When you make a phone call you want to know that you can be heard and understand everything that is being said. There is no component more crucial to the service than call clarity, which is why iVoice is dedicated to providing you an enterprise grade service. Through investment in the right infrastructure, partnerships with class leading technology providers and constant performance monitoring, we are able to assure you of a 20% improvement in call intelligibility over traditional carriage.

What is the resilience of a VoIP service?

Through installation of business grade connection rates for your internet and the use of quality assured hardware, we can assure you that a hosted VoIP solution has high levels of quality control. Furthermore, due to the fact that there is 3G backup support and multiple internet providers and your system is as robust as you like.

What support can I expect of iVoice?

IVoice manages the full systems integration. Gone are the days when a customer spends hours on the phone trying to get through to the carrier with a problem, only to be pointed back at the hardware provider. Our support service is able to respond, diagnose and remedy any problems quickly and efficiently. Our access to your dashboard interface also means we can remotely assist you. Therefore there is instant feedback and no long waiting times for you.

I have an existing phone number that has brand equity and recognition. Will I lose this?

In short, there is no need to worry about losing your number or the market recognition it has developed. iVoice technology allows you full number portability, that is, you can bring your number(s) with you. Once ported, that number is able to move with you regardless of prefixes.

How long does it take to set up an iVoice system?

Whilst establishing an internet connection or porting a number can take a fortnight, our integration can be deployed within days. The longest time will be delivery of your handsets.

How does the billing work?

iVoice work on the premise of improving your efficiency. We will deliver you one bill per month. However, we can configure your system to send you call reports on a daily basis, allowing you to monitor your call usage and therefore manage bill expectations.

I am expecting my business to grow in the next months. What costs are associated with increasing my phone system?

With a traditional PBX you could expect several different cost components (hardware and labour). However, with hosted VoIP all you require are new handsets. These are delivered to you pre-configured so you only need plug them in to your network. Time is not a factor. As your business grows you may want to speak to us about call volumes. Otherwise, simply pay for what you use and forget about expansion being inhibited by costs.

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"Two of our key staff wanted to alter their work-life balance by working from home more often. As a pivotal part of our team, we needed to employ a system that would allow remote access to our phone network so their client's didn't suffer, nor did their work. iVoice provided the telco solution at an affordable price point, to support this direction."

Mark Brown
Director - Engage Media

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