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Ongoing Customer Support

Irrespective of the industry you operate in, we understand that business is about the provision of quality service. Should you be unavailable to your customers there is a chance they will go somewhere else. We understand this and to this end, aim to provide you with industry leading support.

From the initial decision to install iVoice hosted PBX for your business telecommunications, we will be on hand to establish your office network and train your personnel in the features (and benefits of these features) of the system. Then once installed, you can be assured of:

  • 24-hour emergency support
  • Technical Support -  7am-9pm (Central Standard Time)
    • Email:
    • Phone: 1300 224 111

iVoice Response Times

iVoice is committed to providing you with the best in customer support. Where possible we will address your matter instantly, seeking to resolve it, or provide you with an answer as quickly as we can. In instances where this is not possible, we are committed to providing you with timely responses. The below represents our commitment to you for different support matters:

Critical Business totally unable to function, multiple employees impacted. 1 Hour
Serious Single employee unable to function, serious impact to business. 2 Hours
Normal All installation concerns, Problems that hinder productivity, adverse impact to business. 4 Hours
Low Questions or concerns that are an inconvenience or do not adversely impact Customer’s ability to conduct business. 24 Hours
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12 March 2012

As a recent writer on an SMH article recently said, there is a level playing field on the telco horizon. But as the writer suggests the big telco in Australia will give the choiceless and clueless one last try at a dud contract.

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Customer Testimonial

"Two of our key staff wanted to alter their work-life balance by working from home more often. As a pivotal part of our team, we needed to employ a system that would allow remote access to our phone network so their client's didn't suffer, nor did their work. iVoice provided the telco solution at an affordable price point, to support this direction."

Mark Brown
Director - Engage Media

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iVoice Partners

iVoice is Australia's premium business communications supplier. Through our Cloud-based PBX we have the ability to help small businesses leverage technology usually utilised only by larger companies.

If you would like to help small businesses in your area take advantage of the iVoice PBX system, then contact us today to find out about our Partner Program

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