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Porting Pain

Aug 05, 2011

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The porting of numbers allows a business great flexibility when it comes to seeking out superior telecommunications services. Without porting many businesses would simply be unable to consider alternate suppliers because there is too much invested in the numbers which you have publicised. This is good news for all, well kinda.

Good to Great, really?

Aug 02, 2011

Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” is without doubt the most widely respected management and organisational book of the last 20 years. Phrases like “Level Five Leadership”, “Hedgehog Concept”, “Stockdale Paradox”, “Whose on the Bus?” etc.. all now frequent board and management meetings. And what is not to love, the book gave managers pragmatic tools that were supported by research results that were empirical and watertight.

Future Proofing

Jun 06, 2011

Tags: Cloud

It is always fascinating to hear the ideas presented by futurists. A recent SMH seems to present the typical picture of computers being either worn or implanted on our heads, geeks love this kind of stuff.

Organising Y

Jun 02, 2011

Having worked for Baby Boomers throughout my working life I’ve heard just about all the possible complaints regarding us GenXers. We may be greedy, spoilt and lacking in loyalty, but when it comes to the workplace environment, we’re not that fussy.


I have to say I am as bored with green wash as anyone. You know what I mean don’t you? Companies or governments who try to use their supposed environmental conscience as social leverage or factories who promote themselves as being ‘green’ because they have a paper recycling bin in the office whilst pumping toxic fumes into the atmosphere and lead into the water table. But the fact does remain that industry is progressing toward a greener culture.
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As a recent writer on an SMH article recently said, there is a level playing field on the telco horizon. But as the writer suggests the big telco in Australia will give the choiceless and clueless one last try at a dud contract.

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Mark Brown
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