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Cordless SIP

Cordless SIP

Many office environments are rusted onto the cordless phone model of operation. They are lightweight devices and provide obvious benefits. But what options are there for running a cordless VoIP solution? There are two main cordless technologies supporting SIP phones. DECT and Wi-Fi are both popular and have distinct advantages. DECT has long been the wireless […]

Telecommuting, will it happen?

Telecommuting, will it happen?

The following article reports on the government’s desire to see an increase in telecommuting within our corporate culture. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/send-staff-home-to-work-communications-minister-20110803-1iaq2.html Clearly there are mixed motives here, but for now lets leave the politics aside if you will (and there is plenty of it) and consider these questions, what would stop your company from supporting this direction? […]

Porting Pain

The porting of numbers allows a business great flexibility when it comes to seeking out superior telecommunications services. Without porting many businesses would simply be unable to consider alternate suppliers because there is too much invested in the numbers which you have publicised. This is good news for all, well kinda. The Managing Director of iVoice […]

Good to Great, really?

Jim Collin’s book “Good to Great” is without doubt the most widely respected management and organisational book of the last 20 years. Phrases like “Level Five Leadership”, “Hedgehog Concept”, “Stockdale Paradox”, “Whose on the Bus?” etc.. all now frequent board and management meetings. And what is not to love, the book gave managers pragmatic tools […]

Future Proofing

It is always fascinating to hear the ideas presented by futurists. A recent SMH article seems to present the typical picture of computers being either worn or implanted on our heads, geeks love this kind of stuff. Maybe you will one day have your telephone handsets consisting of a microphone in a tooth filling and the earpiece worn […]

How will we organise, and will ‘’the tail always wag the dog’’?

A progressive business is always trying to look around the next corner, attempting to prepare itself for what demands and opportunities are coming. ‘Crystal balling’ over what will be the effect of the NBN, Environmentalism, the influence of the next generation of employees, the rise of outsourcing, decentralisation etc… can be a stressful exercise to […]