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Customers with either no choice or no clue

Customers with either no choice or no clue

Customers with either no choice or no clue

As the writer from a recent SMH article articulates, there is a level playing field on the telco horizon. But as the writer suggests the big telco in Australia will give the choiceless and clueless one last try at a dud contract.

Over the last few years we have seen clients tied to contracts that would horrify you. How astute business managers get stuck with these situations is hard to fathom.

One theory is that it is the “No-one ever got fired for buying IBM” effect, but swap big blue for the big telco. The view would be that Telstra is so big and high profile that they must be my friend and will therefore deliver service to my satisfaction. Unfortunately history has shown this logic to be flawed, as evidenced when you try to call Telstra for support.

As the writer says“Telstra’s blitzkrieg marketing campaign will tell you it’s the way of the future, but it’s actually forcing customers to live in the past while it milks them for every cent it can get. Telstra’s belief that it can retain customers due to “improved customer service” is surely a sick joke.”

The Solution – ask for no contract and if you are the choiceless, hang in there because competition is coming. And if you can’t wait or have no clue, contact us and we will help with your cloud pbx needs.

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