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Convergence Time

Convergence Time

Convergence Time

I got my first PDA in the late 90’s; it was a Palm Pilot 3. It seemed amazing at the time and my prediction was that the Graffiti Script writer would eventually supersede the QWERTY keyboard. Well I was way off of course, but one thing I did predict at the time was that this neat little device would eventually incorporate all the mobile phone capabilities of my equally neat and useful Nokia phone, and we now call it the Smartphone.

Convergence has become the name of the technology game and Apple has surely been the leader of this charge with its fantastic devices. My question is at what point will we see the demise of the traditional office phone? Clearly the day will come that you will be running all your communications across a single unified device. The 4th generation of mobile internet technology (4G) which Telstra is soon to roll out will make this all the more appealing.

For the time being we see office telecommunications still rusted onto the traditional office phone model. This provides superior call resilience and quality which is imperative for business communications and at iVoice it is our primary focus as a business at this stage. However we are ready to run with the convergent model and are already seeing certain progressive companies moving down this path.

What holds back your business from the next phase of convergence?

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