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Telecommuting, will it happen?

Telecommuting, will it happen?

Telecommuting, will it happen?

The following article reports on the government’s desire to see an increase in telecommuting within our corporate culture.


Clearly there are mixed motives here, but for now lets leave the politics aside if you will (and there is plenty of it) and consider these questions, what would stop your company from supporting this direction? Are policies, procedures and office culture an obstacle? Is it an inability to trust employees with the responsibility? Is your company just too old school to look at a different way of organising?

The interesting thing for us as we offer a telecommunications solution that will support Telecommuting to businesses, is the varied response to this notion that we get from different directors. Of course we hear all the above objections frequently, but it is often in the more conservative sectors that we get the most progressive responses such as accounting, legal and finance.

What is your hunch? Will things change?

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