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Porting Pain

Porting Pain

The porting of numbers allows a business great flexibility when it comes to seeking out superior telecommunications services. Without porting many businesses would simply be unable to consider alternate suppliers because there is too much invested in the numbers which you have publicised. This is good news for all, well kinda.

The Managing Director of iVoice refers to porting as a “dark art”. Reason being that this seemingly uncomplicated exercise so often becomes, well you know, complicated!

What it seems to come down to is that a successful port requires a handshake between a winning and a loosing carrier. As much as the loosing carrier is required by law to release the numbers there is no law forcing them to make it easy, and oh the games they will play.

Here are a couple of suggestions we recommend to make it smoother,

  • Be sure to have as much information from your existing reseller on the service, such as who is the actual carrier and what is the resellers wholesale account number.
  • Make sure you keep the original contract so that the information that you put down on your porting authority matches your original details.
  • Give yourself some time, I hear stories of ports taking 2 to 3 days but it is more often 2-3 weeks and on a few occasions when the loosing carrier plays dirty up to 2 months.

Failing this my final suggestion is to consider moving across to a 1300 or 1800 number, these simply act as pointers and can be redirected very quickly. Additionally it can be presented to your customers as an upgrade in service.

iVoice is committed to constant improvement to your service and this includes your experience of porting, hopefully there will be less pain in future.

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