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Organising Y

Organising Y

Having worked for Baby Boomers throughout my working life I’ve heard just about all the possible complaints regarding us GenXers. We may be greedy, spoilt and lacking in loyalty, but when it comes to the workplace environment, we’re not that fussy.

Gen Y has presented a whole other picture to employers, they want the same things that the past generation did but beyond that they have these seemingly extreme expectations. In order to retain this generation of staff businesses have to offer working conditions that are more progressive. The company often finds itself having to provide greater variety, flexibility and green credentials to these employees.

The question I want to bring it back to is how will your business reorganise to accommodate this next generation? Will your infrastructure support their whims and fancies? Because lets face it, your inability to retain staff will be more expensive in the long term than ignoring their demands.

At iVoice we see a rapidly increasing demand from Managers to provide a telecommunications business solution that has greater mobility, flexibility and connectivity. And to our satisfaction we have seen numerous businesses seamlessly transition onto this kind of platform.

Having said all that, we are sorry to say that we can offer no guarantees that after creating this new and progressive environment that the little upstart won’t up and leave at any minute for an overseas self discovery trip, good luck with that.

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