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Future Proofing

Future Proofing

It is always fascinating to hear the ideas presented by futurists. A recent SMH article seems to present the typical picture of computers being either worn or implanted on our heads, geeks love this kind of stuff.

Maybe you will one day have your telephone handsets consisting of a microphone in a tooth filling and the earpiece worn as an earring. What does matter is the weather or not your business will be positioned to take advantage of efficiencies that technology will create. It is therefore imperative that you don’t find yourself hamstrung because you have over capitalised in redundant hardware or signed a useless contract. To be future proof is to always be in a state where you can respond in a timely way.

The axiom used to go that “the Big will swallow the Small”, now however it is the “Fast who swallow the slow”. By utilising cloud based services such as the business telecommunications solution provided by iVoice, your business will be positioned to consume rather than be consumed.

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