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NBN, Blessing or Curse?

NBN, Blessing or Curse?

Who knows the when, what or how much of the NBN?  I have to admit that when clients raise the topic, my preference is to avoid the subject just in case it leads to an awkward political discussion.  But whatever shape you think the NBN will take, one thing is for certain, blistering speed will eventually be democratised.

How will we organise, in light of this?  Your staff will eventually have superior internet speeds at home to what they currently have at work.  Therefore, we need to prepare ourselves for some staff members raising questions.  Why would I come in to the office for anything less than a meeting?  Many companies now utilise remote access capabilities.  This, combined with cloud based telephony, it will be harder and harder to justify the daily commute.

If you have the right business telephone system in place, there is no reason why the tail will wag the dog anymore.

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