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How will we organise, and will ‘’the tail always wag the dog’’?

How will we organise, and will ‘’the tail always wag the dog’’?

A progressive business is always trying to look around the next corner, attempting to prepare itself for what demands and opportunities are coming. ‘Crystal balling’ over what will be the effect of the NBN, Environmentalism, the influence of the next generation of employees, the rise of outsourcing, decentralisation etc… can be a stressful exercise to say the least. What business leaders are inevitably faced with is a question mark over their organisation’s ability to adapt.

In my next few posts I want to ask how your business will respond to these future developments, with specific attention given to technical infrastructure. For much of my career, organisations I have worked in or with have used technology that whilst good for its day was never very flexible, scalable or adaptable. It is then that the infrastructure becomes ‘the tail that wags the dog’, what the company invested in to become a servant has become its master; opportunities are missed and companies fall behind.

At iVoice, we enjoy inviting business leaders to dream about how their business telephony would look in a perfect world. We then like the challenge of seeing that dream materialise. For the most part, leaders dream of a system that is future-proof, and that has become our reason for existence.

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