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It’s all in the Cloud, now pass the Kool Aid

It’s all in the Cloud, now pass the Kool Aid

Some years back I started up at a new company. The product was great, the management was the most capable I had seen and the prospects were altogether exciting. I was surprised however that after a week at the company I still hadn’t had any product training. All training to that point had been on using the CRM Salesforce. It turned out these guys absolutely lived out of Salesforce which of course is now the world’s most ubiquitous CRM.

My concern at the time was that it seemed crazy to be putting my data base in the cloud, for as any sales person will tell you your data base is your most valuable asset both professionally and also to the organisation. Do you really want to risk it? I was nervous to say the least. But once I was able to deal with this (some therapy was required) I realised for myself how powerful the cloud was. Throughout my career working in the SMB space I had fantasised about the systems that must exist in large corporations that were just not feasible to little people like us. My experience of pipeline management tools had always seemed like the tail wagging the dog, and I like most people lived with this because it was just the curse of SMB. But this first taste of the cloud changed my view. I started drinking the Kool Aid.

The cloud offered people like me the ability to enjoy the efficiencies once only afforded to the big, and all in a “pay for what you use” package.

It seems now to me that most software is available as a cloud based service with the final frontier being the large enterprise PBX. The efficiencies and performance are things that were once way out of the league of the SMB. Not anymore, with iVoice the SMB can experience Unified Communications, take advantage of the benefits of VoIP, Multiple sites on one network and an upgrade in call clarity coupled with an infinitely scalable and pay for what you use model.

Where is it? It’s all in the cloud!

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