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Organising Green, noble or spin!

Organising Green, noble or spin!

I have to say I am as bored with green wash as anyone. You know what I mean don’t you? Companies or governments who try to use their supposed environmental conscience as social leverage or factories who promote themselves as being ‘green’ because they have a paper recycling bin in the office whilst pumping toxic fumes into the atmosphere and lead into the water table. But the fact does remain that industry is progressing toward a greener culture.

Motives do seem mixed at times, one large organisation that we work with has invited staff to telecommute one day a week for the purpose of its carbon neutral target. What clearly makes this extra attractive is that if they can support this and provide a hot desk environment in the office they then require 20% less desks and therefore CBD real estate.  Everyone is happy.

One objective that certain companies have aimed for, is to create a paperless environment. A noble cause, I’m sure you would agree, and increasingly achievable.  But the conclusion in that office will logically be that as soon as you take away paper, and store everything somewhere between the cloud and the lap top, you then have nothing that attaches the individual to a particular desk – at which point mobility becomes the name of the game for all technical infra-structure.

If your company was to move down this path in order to meet your environmental objectives, be they noble or just ‘spin’, could your business phone system accommodate this direction?

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