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Time to Rethink Conferencing

Time to Rethink Conferencing

With a move toward greater flexibility in the workplace in terms of hours, location and job share arrangements, businesses are looking for ways to get back what has been lost.

Collaboration, Community and Culture (all begin with C, spooky I know) are all important but bound to be innocent victims of this direction.

Conference facilities have served some organisations well but for the most part have been too Complex, Costly and or Clunky (last of the C words) to solve these issues.

In spite of this gloomy picture at IVoice we have seen a different story. Conferences can be set up on the fly, have the PBX pre programmed to call the attendants at a predetermined time or even just set up a virtual conference room extension. There are countless ways to initiate a conference with unlimited attendants and the service is included as standard with our solution. You also have the option of adding video to the mix if you are willing to add the infrastructure.

We are already servicing clients whose businesses are in providing educational services via our conference suite to hundreds of attendants simultaneously. Others are seeing a genuine improvement in office communication in spite of increasing flexibility.

Call us and let’s discuss how we can help you to rethink conferencing.

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