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Scalable, flexible, easy to operate, and packed with the latest features, our cloud PBX solution is the perfect VoIP communications solution to transform your business. Our system allows you to easily setup new phones in minutes, and best of all, our system can grow with you, as fast as you require it.


The Best Solution For Your Business

Learn how to simplify your growing business operations and reduce costs for your single-site or multi-location enterprise.

Cost Saving

iVoice’s advanced cloud PBX solution can lower your business’ telephone operational expenses by as much 70 percent. No high-priced servers, additional equipment or ongoing maintenance costs.


There is no need to upgrade to a new system every time your operation expands. A single cloud PBX solution can support up to 4,999 extensions for a single number that you can use anywhere.


Employees can connect virtually from anywhere with iVoice's plug-and-play compatibility. That simple. If it has an internet connection, you can stay connected.


Discover the Difference

Take advantage of a feature-packed cloud PBX and unified communications solutions that will boost business performance and lower operating costs. Features include

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Customers with either no choice or no clue
Customers with either no choice or no clue

As the writer from a recent SMH article articulates, there is a level playing field on the telco horizon. But as the writer suggests the big telco in Australia will give the choiceless and clueless one last try ...

Cordless SIP
Cordless SIP

Many office environments are rusted onto the cordless phone model of operation. They are lightweight devices and provide obvious benefits. But what options are there for running a cordless VoIP solution? There are two main cordless technologies supporting SIP phones. DECT and Wi-Fi are both popular and have distinct advantages. DECT has long been the wireless […]

Convergence Time
Convergence Time

I got my first PDA in the late 90’s; it was a Palm Pilot 3. It seemed amazing at the time and my prediction was that the Graffiti Script writer would eventually supersede the QWERTY keyboard. Well I was way off of course, but one thing I did predict at the time was that this […]

Telecommuting, will it happen?
Telecommuting, will it happen?

The following article reports on the government’s desire to see an increase in telecommuting within our corporate culture. http://www.smh.com.au/technology/technology-news/send-staff-home-to-work-communications-minister-20110803-1iaq2.html Clearly there are mixed motives here, but for now lets leave the politics aside if you will (and there is plenty of it) and consider these questions, what would stop your company from supporting this direction? […]